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Safety Pins – multimedia haiku performance

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review by Adriana Ivancheva

text in BG here:


In early June I watched the fourth performance of the multimedia haiku-show ‘Safety Pins’ which was based under the 105 haiku poems by Peter Tchouhov, played under the auspices of the Embassy of Japan in Bulgaria. Symphony of images, music, multimedia and interpretation in four languages (Bulgarian, English and Russian, and Japanese in the vision). I took this show during a short performance as a global event that highlights the peculiarities of the culture and traditions of four ethnic groups meanwhile merges them in symbiotic relationship.

Kisyova Maya (writer, director and actor in ‘Safety pins’) has implemented an innovative and ambitious artifact that has no analogue in our country. The play is narrated by the author, winner of the Grand Prize for poetry in the Museum ‘Basho’ in Japan. He read his poetry with the actress. ‘Safety pins’ submit an original and modern way the Japanese haiku form by acting, pictures, fantastic music of Peter Tchouhov. Media, organized by Valentina Fidanova-Kolarova PhD and photo hayga created by the young artist Rafail Georgiev, helping the audience to be immersed in a mystery, perfect beauty, unprecedented symbolic character and detail. You do not need the audience to be pre-prepared, to feel the atmosphere and mood of this art.


Seventh cycles of scenarios focus on key life stages. And they in turn merged with perceptions of the four seasons. Peter Tchouhov felt very precise the rhythm of the contemporary human searches inclinations and values- undying need for love, happiness, commonality, flight of the spirit and thought. Haiku are saturated with images – playful and fun, bright and bearing the signs of vitality as well as of dark, loaded with nuances of mortality, loneliness, alienation, pain.

The selected 105 haiku deployed like 105 days of our lives, each one different and unique with their experiences, events, expectations, thrills and meaning.


‘Safety pins’ is a feast for the senses just as inimitable East can provide us with sound, images, multimedia, poetry and acting. In a unique way all these effects cooperate and complement the construction of a single concept and audience impact. With heightened senses has been taken the spirit of theatrical and poetic event which has evoked all the colors and sounds of existence through many artistic photo haiga of Rafail Georgiev which harmoniously colored words of haiku with paintings of golden autumn leaves, lush, melting snow, urban elements, images and objects in symbolic and modern combinations. The project was groomed for a year in which they are made in four season photos for media and photo imaging hayga in Poland and Bulgaria (Sofia, Balchik, Krakow, Zakopane and Auschwitz).

The original author’s music blends the sounds of the seasons, translating feelings, riots, happiness, sadness, death and life. The scene was cleared of objects (it only has a cube) just like the haiku themselves – free of verbs and actions.

Spectacular reconciles our national traditions with Eastern cultural rituals (fire dance and tea ceremony). It is theatrical and poetic demonstration of modernity, urban paintings, values in the society of the 21st century as good as historical memory, ancient traditions, turning into the soul and the look of the past (or the future) spiritual dimension.

The Actor

Maya Kisyova introduces viewers to the symbolism of haiku. Precise and professional interprets the poetry in verses of the three languages – English, Bulgarian and Russian. Actress moves ephemeral and elegant on stage. Every gesture is designed and targeted, bearing the sense and achieves impact on the audience. As a filmmaker, she has built the structure of the play so that the author can come to ‘act’ live at any time he wishes. And I believe that this moment would happen one day. This is constructive argument between the two artists. Peter Tchouhov holds to distance, respecting the tradition that the haigin absent the subsequent destiny of the his text. Maya Kisyova asserts the position that the performance of the 21st century to be unique must bear the creative energy and ‘Breaking the rules’.

But so far the only actor in the show, she is doing brilliantly. Her incarnations are wonderful, have deep personal knowledge of haiku, depth study of Eastern cultures and original, commitment and sympathy to the culture and spirit of antiquity meanwhile the signs of the new time.

Red hall, 26 Nov 2013

105 haiku and music from the grand prize winner for poetry at the Basho Museum in Japan – Peter Chuhov – played in 3 languages – Bulgarian, English and Russian by the actress Maya Kisiova united in 7 themed episodes, coupled with beautiful photo of the Haiga artist Raphael Georgiev, a graduate of the Bulgarian Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in the multimedia playing of Dr. Valentina Fidanova. Tangle of hundreds of safety pins, which contains glitter love, the power of nature , the beauty of interaction between Eastern and Western culture through sustainable form of haiku, which brings artists and fans from around the world. Exotic elements of Shotokan karate and tea ceremony. A character who through art is released from the sorrows of the past, experiencing childhood and adulthood, reinforcing communication with the universe. Created as an independant project, the spectacle plays for third season with success both in Bulgaria and abroad.

13 February (Thursday) 2014, 7.30 p.m.
Red hall
Safety Pins

Theatre haiku holiday in 7 episodes : City, Interior, Death, Vitality, Nature, Dangerous needles, Love. The voice and the music by the author – winner of the Basho Museum Grand Prize for poetry in Japan. Exquisite and unexpected actor’s interpretation in Bulgarian, Russian and English, which reveals the ingenious simplicity of the genre. The atmosphere and the rich color of the pictures from Bulgaria and Poland combines tradition and modernity. Haiku verses are beautifully situated and translated to Japanese by multimedia. The man-woman continuum vibrates in the full range of relationships – power struggle, frantic mutual admiration and need in order for the divine balance to triumph. The show is a free project of professional artists who play for the third season in Bulgaria and abroad. The show is performed under the patronage of the Embassy of Japan in Bulgaria.


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